RC enthusiast. Speed Aficionado. Among the youngest of Total Rotor pilots. This is Flash.

Name: Muhd Aqil

Alias: Flash

Country: Singapore

Years of flying experience: 3yrs

Favourite flying spots: Sembawang Park

Hi, my name is Aqil also known as “Flash”. I love anything and everything RC-related. I started out with Wings and large 3D planes few years back. It was until I heard about quadcopters that I ended up selling all my old planes to fund my first quad – the DJI Flame. After several months of practice, I¬†went ahead to build my first racing quad, QAV250. I’ve been practicing a lot ever since with countless of crashes. Eventually in 2016, I¬†built one of my favourite frames – the Astro 210 – which I’m¬†still using till today. I train regularly at Sembawang Park as the tightly-spaced trees allow me to sharpen my flying skills.


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