RC car enthusiast. Spanish teacher. FPV addict. This is Harold.

Name: Harold

Country: Venezuela

Years of flying experience: 1.5yrs

Favourite flying spots: Rosewood

For the curious ones, I was born in Colombia and raised in Venezuela but the country I call home after 21 years of stay, is the sunny island of Singapore. I’m a Spanish teacher by profession at an international school.

I was an RC car enthusiast for many years and took part in many races in Singapore. However, flying racing quads started at the end of 2015 when I was introduced to FPV or First-Person View and ever since the addiction took hold of me. Now every Sunday I’ll be at my favorite site flying and racing against his friends with my prime quad –  KATAK Stretch. I have another equally exciting hobby, and that is collecting antique coins from China!


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