Total Rotor strives to be Singapore’s very own e-sports community platform embracing all e-sports, with drone racing as our key focus.

We are an all-inclusive community for drone racing enthusiasts, from beginners to experienced pilots; our platform will enable enthusiasts of all backgrounds to learn, share and showcase their experiences.

By providing news from around the world on technology, upcoming trends, events and even increasing accessibility to products that interest you, Total Rotor seeks to promote the growth of drone racing in the community. In turn, you too can share your latest flight experiences, built experiments and crash moments with other like-minded individuals.

Fuelled by passion, Total Rotor aims to support organically designed products as well – 100% designed and produced with distinctive character. Though small, we’re looking at the big picture by supporting and driving local innovation – creating something 100% Singaporean. That’s why we’ve come up with a great value e-sports marketplace to serve our community here.

Together with your valuable contributions, Total Rotor is sure that we’ll take things to greater heights. Literally.

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