Just the human and light v2


Architect. Freestyle addict. Race Capable. This is Rian

Name: Rian

Alias: YangCheng06

Country: Philippines

Years of flying experience: 4yrs

Favourite flying spots: Hillview, Lakeview, Rian Special Track (RST)

I’m an Architect by profession, a jet pilot by dream. Now that I can’t be a real jet pilot, getting into FPV was the next best thing. Freestyle flying is my favourite, but I can pull off the occasional races too! I started flying FPV drones 4 years ago, with my first frame being the Blackout 250. With the first then came eight more frames – the latest being the amazing TRP KATAK Stretch which I also used to race in the Multi Asia Drone Championship 2017 in Singapore and helped me come in 5th overall! I fly whenever I can – both weekdays and weekends (don’t tell my boss!).


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