Retired Engineer. Father of three. Photography and FPV racing enthusiast. This is YC.

Name: Yong Cheh Chua

Alias: YC

Country: Singapore

Years of flying experience: 3yrs

Favourite flying spots: Holland Village & Rosewood


I am a father of three kids and owned a company specializing in fluid conveying systems. The company was sold to a private equity and I decided to retire in 2011. With time on my hand, I decided to take up photography as a hobby. I spent many hours indulging on it and it was the desire to bring my DSLR up in the air to get the vantage shoot that I decided to build a AP hexacopter rig. However, it is the racing drone that captured my attention as the adrenaline and satisfaction was as close I could get to fly a real plane. In fact, racing mini drone was so fun and exciting that I dropped my photography hobby.

I personally prefer freestyle more than racing in circuit. The acrobatic maneuvers, when executed correctly are like an artistic expression. When I manage to execute a set of moves correctly, the sense of achievement and satisfaction is similar to getting a keeper in photography. My current flying sites are, Holland Village, Hillview and Rosewood.


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